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A Family Tribute to the Late Arlene DeMarco, Lead Singer of The Five DeMarco Sisters. Written by Lisa Brandi.

The world mourns the loss of yet another favorite daughter from the golden age of show business with the passing of Arlene DeMarco, the lead singer of the renowned Five DeMarco Sisters. My aunt Arlene passed away of natural causes on February 13, 2013.

The little girl with the big voice joined her four siblings, Anne (my mom), Gene, Gloria, and Terri, at the tender age of five years old

The daughters of Samuel DeMarco and Julia Brandi DeMarco were born in Rome New York.

It wasn't long before their papa, a musician himself, realized that his little girls took to harmony the way most little girls took to dolls.

He believed in their unique sound and style so much that he moved the family from Rome to Brooklyn where he hoped that New York City would share his belief in his daughters.

He was right to believe, and in a very short time his three daughters, Anne, Gene, and Gloria were working at churches, clubs, and conventions all over Manhattan. They even performed a musical number (in Yankee pinstripes no less) in the movie short, “Home Run On The Keys,” featuring the Great Bambino himself, Babe Ruth.

Their big break came when the five girls sang in an elevator for the renowned  American composer and arranger Gordon Jenkins who was so astounded by their five part harmony that he took them straight to NBC and a week later they were contracted to perform every Sunday night for four years on the world famous Fred Allen Radio Show. In fact, it was the DeMarco Sisters that musically opened each show singing "Mister Allen, Mister Allen." With that glorious exposure the sky was the limit.

The DeMarco Sisters were regular features on the biggest television shows of the day including Ed Sullivan, Kate Smith, Jackie Gleason, Sid Caesar, and The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour, just to name a few.

After years of nightclub, radio, recording and television engagements all over the country, Arlene DeMarco decided to branch out on her own.

Aunt Arlene sang with many popular groups including The Four Freshmen and she released several solo records, but always returning to snuggle on the sofa at my house and continue harmonizing with Gene, Gloria, and Terri, and my mom, when the five girls would reunite for the holidays.

There is one remaining sister born of this melodious phenomena, and that is Gene DeMarco.

My Aunt Gene always led the way with heart and humor and has one of the best tenor voices of any girl group. She is now the "Keeper of the Flame" and cherished and beloved by her family. Though all of the girls were close, my Aunt Arlene once told me that Gene was her favorite. Of course the other sisters weren't listening at the time! Now, The Five DeMarco Sisters’ invaluable contribution to the music world will live on through Gene DeMarco.

Arlene is also survived by her amazingly talented brother, Billy DeMarco. Sadly, Arlene is predeceased by her sisters Anne, Gloria and Terri.

Arlene DeMarco was the proud mother of Rosana Brasselle and Melisa Brasselle (professionally known as Rocky DeMarco), who gave their precious mother round the clock care when needed and were there for her at every turn. Rosana and Melisa's father was Keefe Brasselle, the versatile and multitalented star of The Eddie Cantor Story.

A lovely and talented granddaughter Haley, was born to Melisa. Arlene’s nieces and nephews who include Chip, me, my brother Stephen, Gloria, Jamie, David, and Julie Ann, will cherish the memory of their dear Aunt Arlene and be forever grateful for the musical legacy that helped shape their world and brought immeasurable joy to our family.

Written by Lisa Brandi

Lisa Brandi is professionally known as Lisa DeMarco Brandi She is the daughter of  the late Anne DeMarco, the senior member of  The Five DeMarco Sisters

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